Tarkhanovo Secondary School
         Republic of Mordovia 

431663  Республика Мордовия,

Ичалковский район, с. Тарханово, Russia

Tel. +7 83433/ 2-96-24

E-mail : tarxanovo@mail.ru



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     Tarkhanovo Secondary School is a small village school which is situated in Republic of Mordovia (Russia). There are only 44 students in it. They are Russians and Mordovian-Erzyas. Mordovians have already assimilated with Russians and there are no great differences and especially conflicts between them. They all speak Russian, but we do not object to if Mordovians communicate in there own language. But it happens very seldom. The students have been studying the Mordovian language in the 2nd , the 3rd and the 4th grades since 2004. So the studentsí first language is Russian, but they study English in the 2-11 grades.

     The students of our school have many different subjects in the school curriculum. They are Russian, Literature, English, Maths, Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Studies, History, Geography, Drawing, Music, Labor Training, Physical Education and others.

     There are 16 teachers in our school. They are real specialists in the education field.

     Our school building is for the Primary School (1-4 grades/11 students), for the Middle School (5-9 grades/21 students) and for the High School (10-11 grades/12 students).

     We have a Computer lab with 4 computers where we can use the Internet, a Chemistry lab, a physics class, a biology class, an English language study, a workshop, a library and a sports ground in our school. We have a garden and a plot of ground where we grow fruit and vegetables for our school canteen.

     The school year begins on the 1st of September and ends on the 31st of May. The students of the 9 and the 11 grades pass exams in June.

     We go to school six days a week. There are 5 or 6 classes a day. The classes last 45 minutes.